VISA Info – Australia


Documents required for VISA Filing:

  1. Academic Documents** (Colour scan copies for Originals)
    • Xth or SSC Certificates
    • XII or Intermediate Certificates
    • Bachelors Degree [BA/BCom/BSc/Btech/BPharm/BArch] (Colour scan copies for Originals)
      • Semester wise or Year Wise Marksheets
      • Consolidated Marksheet
      • Provisional or Convocation Certificate
    • IELTS/PTE/TOEFL Scorecard [Login Details in Case of TOEFL/PTE]
  1. Passport **– all 36 pages (Colour Scan from Original)- Include old passports (incase the student has more than one)
  2. Resume – Mentioning all Educational and Work Experience details [In Word Format]
  3. Statement of Purpose-  As per the Hoc guidelines [In Word Format]
  4. Annual Income: It depends on the sponsor’s occupation i.e. [Notarized Copies]
    • Salaried: IT Returns or Form 16 for last 3 Years and Salary Slips for last 3 months.
    • Businessman: IT Returns, Balance Sheet, Registration of Business, partnership deed (if applicable), Recent bank statements of Company partnerships, IT returns of Company.
    • Pensioner: Letter from company at the time of retirement stating amount of pension and recent bank statement showing credit of pension.
    • Rental Income: Ownership of property and Rent/Lease deed.
    • Agricultural Income: Mee Seva or Certificate from Regional Authority [MRO or Tehsildar or Patwari Certificate]as per the University requirements.
    • Dividends & Interests: Letter from Bank or Bank Statement showing the amount.
  5. Liquid Funds: It can be shown in the following forms: (Colour Scan from Originals)
    • Bank Loan Letter***: Original Loan letter from the bank clearly specifying the loan amount along with terms and conditions (As per HOC Guidelines). Click on the link to know the list of approved banks by Australia. We also need to include:
      • Visiting Card of the Bank Manager
      • Property or Collateral evaluation Report by Financial Authorities.
    • Fixed Deposit***:  Attested Copy of Fixed Deposit Receipt from Bank along with Letter from the financial Institution specifying:
      • Account Holder Name
      • Amount of Deposit
      • Date & Duration of Deposits
    • Saving Account***: Attested Copy of 3 months Bank Statement along with a letter from Financial Institution.
    • Shares and Dividends***: Attested Copy of 3 months Bank Statement along with a letter from Financial Institution.
    • Provident Funds***:  The amount in provident fund has to be withdrawn and deposited in a savings account.
  6. Assets: Assets can be shown in following ways:
    • Evaluation Reports***: Evaluation Report from a certified evaluator specifying all the details along with current value.
      • Copy of Sale Deed (to be translated in English if in native language]
    • MRO Certificate***: Incase the Asset in Agricultural land or falls under a Mandal or Panchayat, the student needs to submit Mandal Revenue Officer Certificates specifying land details along with Current market value.
      • Copy of Sale Deed (to be translated in English if in native language] 
  1. Work Experience***: For Candidates with work experience, they need to provide:
    • Appointment Letter/ Experience or Relieving Letter
    • Pay Slips
    • Bank Statements
    • Form 16/ IT Returns
  2. Miscellaneous***:
    • ID Proofs of Sponsors
      • Aadhar Card/Passport
    • Affidavit of Support: Affidavit of Support on Rs. 100/- Stamp paper by Sponsors.
    • Secondary ID Proof of Student:
      • Aadhar Card
  1. Credit Card Authorization Form: Towards payment of Visa Fees of 565 AUS $
  1. GTE Form – Genuine Temporary Entrant form is used as a check to ensure that the student is a genuine applicant  and has no intention of maintaining residency in Australia. 
  1. HAP ID – HAP ID is the confirmation that applicant has undergone medical examination under a doctor from the panel list. Contact HOC to create HAP ID.

*** The Student may need to submit Notarized copies as per University Norms.