Visa – Georgia


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Note: After getting visa approval student has to pay the full amount of the tuition fee for the first year of education 


Student has to prepare following documents:

1.  Online filled Visa Application form

2.  Applicant’s passport and a copy of the passport;

3.  Photo

4.  A Copy of Applicant’s diploma or a school-leaving certificate, legalized or apostilled;

5.  A document certifying financial guarantees for studying and staying in Georgia (so-called Bank Statement), where the student shows remained tuition fee for the first year and in addition at least 4000 USD;

6.  Medical insurance for one year (Insurance should be from Georgian insurance company, College will provide);

7.  If student is not submitting documents personally, power of attorney is required for the person, who will submit documents;

University will send following documents:

  1. Special invitation to Georgia – Unconditional Admission Letter

Note: University will issue unconditional admission letter within 10 days time once initial payment is charged on university account and required documents are dispatched to Georgia . University will send original of Unconditional admission letter to the student and soft copy to the appropriate embassy of Georgia

  1. Letter on Student’s status form Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Note: In order to get approval from Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, each applicant is required to make power of attorney on one of our staff member’s name immediately after transferring initial payment