Visa – Canada

When you apply for a study permit for Canada, you can get two types of student visa, one is S-1 and other is SW-1.

S-1 stands for Study Visa and SW-1 visa is for Study and Work visa or study permit with work permit. Students who have a compulsory co-op in their program are supposed to be issued SW-1 visa and students who have an optional co-op or internship in their program are given S-1 visa. However, we sometimes see that even students who have mandatory co-op also get just S-1 visa as well. Either cases, it does not make a difference and if you only get a S-1 visa, it’s not a problem and you can apply for co-op work permit after coming here so please do not worry to reapply for a visa now. Also, there’s no cost to apply co-op ( Internship) work permit, and many our MGM students apply for the permit after the program starts.

You can find more information re: Co-op work permit here (IRCCC) :

How to apply co-op work permit at Royal Roads University( RRU resources) :