Testimonials – Australia

Name: Venkatesh Varma Javisetti

University Name : University of Wollongong

Program : MBA

Testimonial : My dreams has been given wings by HOC. I approached them as complete native and they ensured that I was made aware of all the requirements and steps involved with Australian Student Visa process. Unlike others they give plenty of choice and applied the universities where I was interested  in. They  had given me a matrix of finance along with strict timelines. They helped me in preparing for university telephonic interviews and overall made the process a cakewalk. Thanks HOC..

Name: Irfan Mohammed

University Name : Central Queensland University

Program : Master in Information Technology

Testimonial : When I came to HOC, I was very nervous about the whole process Masters. I had heard that it is very Strenuous and backbreaking. But I was proved wrong. The Counselors at HOC helped me throughout the process and I never felt the pressure on me. They were always available to solve even the smallest and the silliest of my doubts at any time of the day. Right from the selection of  universities up to my Visa formalities, they made the whole process go smooth and uncomplicated for me. It was probably because of their guidance that I made it! All in all, it was an exhilarating  experience and I thank HOC for this.