Study in France


France has always been at the forefront of human Civilization from the earliest times through middle ages. It has always been a hub for cultural and industrial innovations. The contribution of French revolution to usher in an era of nation states and democracy can never be undermined. The renaissance era had seen an unparalleled growth in Arts and culture which has continued till today.

Despite a downturn during second world war wherein France took the brunt of Nazi expansionism, France recovered to attain the former glory. France today is considered among the most industrialized nations with unique culture and is a welfare state for its citizen.

France has always been home to world’s top most universities and that tradition has continued till date . France has 83 public funded universities apart from a host of private universities and specialized institutes. There are more than  3.10 lakhs, international students, studying in France at present. Below are some  reasons why students chose France are:

  1. Tradition of Excellence & Top ranked Universities
  2. Cultural Hub & Open Society
  3. Programs in English
  4. Opportunity to learn French
  5. Internship is an integral part of Course Curriculum
  6. Post Study Work Permit