Students with15 years of education

STUDENTS WITH 15 YEARS OF EDUCATION : One of the biggest hurdle faced by Indian students aspiring to pursue Master’s Degree in USA is no of years spent in undergraduate studies. All Bachelor’s degrees in USA are of 4 years whereas all degrees in India are of 3 years (Except professional Courses like: Btech, BArch, BPharm, MBBS etc).

However, the students pursuing Bsc, Bcom or BA can go for Masters by following one of the following options:

  1. WES EVALUATION : World Education Services is one of the authorized [ NACES [National Association of Credential Evaluation Services] Member and clearly states that Bachelors Degree of any student having first division in his/her under graduation is Equivalent to USA degree. Click here for Details

Note: It won’t be accepted by all the universities or programs. Contact HOC for further details.

  1. BRIDGE PROGRAM: Many universities offer Bridge program to cover the 16th Year which is lacking, followed by Masters. Most of the Universities offer this program from Business schools. Some of the Universities offer it for Computer Science also.
  1. COMPLETING MASTERS OR ANY OTHER 1 YEAR COURSE IN INDIA: Many universities in India offer 1 year post graduate diploma under various specializations. These can be added as the 16th year of education before applying to USA. We have also seen many students completing first year of Master before embarking of educational journey to USA.