More Testimonials

Name of the Student   :   Mallikarjun Sastry TallaUntitled

University Name :  Arizona state university, USA

Program :   MS. Industrial Engineering

Testimonial :  HOC has been of real great help. They helped me organize and schedule all the necessary procedures, which proved of great help once I started applying. Further, they keep themselves updated with the latest data pertinent to colleges in the Global scenario. They have great staff, who are very competent and friendly. It was great associating with them, I would definitely recommend anyone who is interested in choosing the right career path. Kudos! Mallikarjuna.

Name of the Student :   Shivani Dharmapuri                 1

University Name :  Texas A&M Commerce, USA

Program :     MS in Business Analytics   

Testimonial : I have roughly 4+yrs of experience, I wanted a consultant who can understand and take wise decisions while processing my case. After meeting many consultants I choose HOC as the team is well experienced, very thorough with the process and researched every detail of about course and college. They are responsive, work on tight deadlines, and takes up new challenges.


Aroop GangulyName of the Student : Aroop Ganguly

University Name :     Carnegie Mellon University, USA

Program :     Master of Software Engin

Testimonial : I took a decision for Masters after working 2 years at Infosys. Since I was looking at top universities, I was skeptical about the credentials and abilities of consultants to handle my profile. My worst fears came true and I was totally disappointed. One of my colleagues referred HOC and from the very first counselling session, it gave the confidence that they knew about the stuff they were talking about. They helped me about shortlist universities based on my exact parameters and assisted me at every stage i.e. SOP and Essays, applying to universities etc. I would strongly recommend anyone looking for good schools to join HOC, they would take care of the rest. Cheers………

Name of the Student : Vamshi Krishna GaddamadiVamshi Krishna

University Name : University of Florida, Gainesville

Program     : MS Chemical Engineering.

Testimonial :  HOC Played a very important role in my admission process. All I did was to give them the documents that are Necessary and they did the rest of the work for me. The thing I like most about HOC is that its counselors are very frank and right on the target. They will let you know whether your choice is ambitious or moderate, if moderate what you chances are to get in straight away, they are not the ones who would beat around the bush. Also, they are considerate towards student’s financial status and inquires them about the price range they can afford. I suggested it to all of my friends that sums it up. Thank you HOC

neelambikaName of the Student     : Neelambika

University Name : Purdue University Calumet

Program :         MS Computer Information Tech

Testimonial : I am Pleased with the service provided by HOC. University selections and the suggestions really helped me Since they were very apt for my profile. Visa and documentation guidance are excellent. I am grateful to HOC for helping me in choosing the right Path.

Name of the Student     :      Farah Alamfarah Alam

University Name :           Ball State University, USA

Program : MS Landscape Architecture

Testimonial :  HOC came as a ray of hope at a time when I thought it would be impossible to relaunch my career and life . HOC has been extremely helpful in guiding me to select the universities that would be a good fit for me and the program I was seeking to study. Entire staff has always been cordial and polite and have always helped add value to the lengthy application process with insights and wisdom. Thank you, HOC!

Shahid AliName of the Student :   Mohammed Shahid Ali

University Nam :   University of Texas at Arlington, USA

Program :   Mechanical Engineering (M)

Testimonial : I Would like to thank Hyderabad Overseas Consultants for providing me with the most up to date information About the universities. They’ve really done a wonderful job in assisting me to properly choose a university which played a major role in building of my solid career now. I was really impressed by their speedy and top notch process while applying to the universities with proper documentation and formalities. Thank to Mr. Sanjeev and Miss Ragini for their all their hard work and assistance and I would recommend HOC to any student who wants to pursue higher education abroad!

Name of the Student :   Shailina Budhwanishailina Budhwani

University Name          :  Long Island University USA

Program :  MS Early Childhood Education.  

Testimonial :  Hyderabad Overseas Consultancy have completely reached more than my exceptions. I am really very thankful to HOC for building confidence in me and helping me to reach my educational goal all the staff of HOC is very supportive and helpful whenever I needed. I have given my interview without fear and confidence just because they prepared for the interview. Thank u so much sir I will always cheer this experience of my life .

BenazirName of the Student : Benazir baig

University Name :   University of California Riverside, USA

Program :   MS Electrical Engineering

Testimonial    :  HOC has been a grate companion through the path of deciding which program is should chose for my profile and what university will burst suit me, They are like your 2am friends that you can call and share all your worries and doubts. They always keep your requirements as prime importance. My experience with them has been truly remarkable and I am completely satisfied, Ragini mam, Ravi Sir and last but not the least Sanjeev sir.. All of HOC is a power pack truly amazing team with winning as a habit…. All the very best in Making wonderful successful futures for people like us.. Cheers!!!

Name of the Student : Satya MurthySatya murthy

University Name :  Idaho state university, USA

University Name :  Idaho state university, USA

Testimonial :  We world like to thank the staff members of HOC for their co-ordination in every step of our process. They helped They helped us in choosing the guided us thoroughly with the application and the visa process We successfully got through the admission in MS Idaho state university we wish HOC best of luck.

DeepikaName of the Student :   Deepika Nirmal

University Name : Florida International University, USA     

Program : MS construction Management 

Testimonial :  Very glad to inform you that my Visa application to FIU for this fall has been accepted in the second try I wanted to thank u personally for all the kind support and advice u have given all through my process and plans to study in the USA. Without have been able to come to this stage of my career. I sincerely and truly thank u for the same Thank u one again Mam.

Name of the Student : Venkatesh Varma JavisettiVenkatesh

University Name    :  University of Wollongong, Australia

Program : MBA

Testimonial : My dreams has been given wings by HOC. I approached them as complete naïve and they insured that I was Made aware of all the requirements and steps involved with Australian Student Visa process. Unlike others they give plenty of choice and applied the universities where I was interested in. They had given me a matrix of finance along with strict timelines. They helped me in preparing for university telephonic interviews and overall made the process a cakewalk. Thanks HOC..

zainilName of the Student : Zainil charaniya

University Name :         Georgia Sate University, USA

Program :         Bachelors in Astronomy

Testimonial : I am studying at Georgia state university for Bachelors in Astronomy. They helped me with editing and Guidance for SOP and essays which are most important for undergraduate applications they also helped me with my visa application and prepped me for the interview. I believe it is very important to have someone professional to guide you through the process of shortlisting universities, sending out applications and preparing for the visa interview after receiving the accept.

Name of the Student     :     Manmeet Singh GillManmeet

University Name               : Concordia University of Edmonton, Canada

Program     :   Masters in Computer and Network security

Testimonial : I was told by everyone that we can’t go for Masters in Canada with 6.0 Bands in IELTS. HOC were the first to Assure me that I was eligible for Masters and gave me all the information related to admission processing and guided me through the complete process to the visa. I an very thankful for assisting me in achieving my goal of studying Masters in Canada. I would recommend all students looking for transparent and honest guidance to HOC.

IrfanName of the Student :   Irfan Mohammed

University Name :   Central Queensland University, Australia    

Program :   Master in Information Technology

Testimonial : When I came to HOC, I was Very nervous about the whole process Masters. I had heard that it is very Strenuous and backbreaking. But I was proved wrong. The Counselors at HOC helped me throughout the process and I never felt the pressure on me. They were always available to solve even the smallest and the silliest of my doubts at any time of the day. Right from the selection of universities up to my Visa formalities, they made the whole process go smooth and uncomplicated for me. It was probably because of their guidance that I made it! All in all, it was an exhilarating experience and I thank HOC for this

Name of the Student : Rizwan lateefRizwan

University Name :     Newcastle University, UK

Program :   Masters in Pipeline Engineering

Testimonial : My father is a petroleum engineer and we were looking for a specific course pipeline engineering which is offered by a handful of universities across the world. Our search ended with the counseling session at HOC. They gave us all the options along with steps required for applications, admission, visa and pre departure. I am thankful to HOC for getting me admissions into one of the best universities.

 Name: Shraddha Shukla

University Name : Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Program : Masters in International Business( Year 2013-2015) 

Testimonial : I am really thankful for the continuous support and guidance of HOC for my admission into this prestigious course. I am proud to say that I have got chance to study in one of the top 100 colleges worldwide for Masters in International Business. Today, I am living in Germany and working as Manager for Digital Marketing firm. HOC not only helped me in college admission procedure but also provided high quality coaching for the entrance exams like IELTS and GMAT. So, overall I would like to dedicate this success to HOC and their services.

Name: Shreyas Sathe 

University Name : Grenoble Graduate School of Business

Program : Masters in International Business( Year 2013-2015) 

Testimonial :HOC is full service Overseas Education Agency, that has helped me for all the steps for my admission into this Master’s course. My college is top ranked colleges worldwide for Master in International Business course. HOC provides all the services like coaching for entrance exams, training, form application and visa procedure, which is very structured and time efficient.

Name: Shikhar Shukla 

University Name : Technichal University Eindhoven, Netherlands 

Program : Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering

Testimonial : I am studying in one of the top Technical University today and I would like to thank HOC for assisting me to get here. They are very supportive and knowledgeabale in the European universities landscape and have helped me in choosing this course and successful application process. Mr. Sanjeev Rai is very supportive and makes sure that you get the desired and deserved university as per your abilities.