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Franchisee Model

We are looking for young enterprising business professionals who are looking forward to involve in business of shaping careers. Overseas Education is one of the most critical areas wherein we make a difference to a student’s career thereby acting as a catalyst and help them achieve their goal often resulting in better job prospects. This in turn results in better inflow of foreign capitals thereby enhancing India’s Economy.

About HOC

HOC was established with the sole aim of providing complete, unbiased and updated information about Educational opportunities in USA/Canada/UK/& Australia in Nov’2008. I have been in this industry for more than a decade and understand the problems being faced by Students, Universities and Educational Consultants. I am really appalled by trust deficit between students and educational consultants.

To avoid this we have a special focus on career counseling along with complete details about importance of completing studies and following laws of the land. As part of this initiative we have taken a conscious decision of not applying for Diploma programs for any country as isn’t beneficial to students in the long run. We have also given a special emphasis on transparency of the process and involvement of students throughout the process.

The referrals from students who have gone through us are an ample testimony about the quality of our services. We are however working everyday to make our process more student friendly by incorporating best practices and by use of information technology.

We have been certified by Uniagents and have also successfully completed USATC by ICEF. Kindly download HOC Brochure for further details. We are also a member of NAFSA.

Why take Franchisee of HOC?

We are looking to associate with few selected organizations who would like to avail our expertise to complement their existing portfolios or for new players to enter into the market. We are one of the leading consultants in Hyderabad for USA education for last 8 years. We have always followed a policy of open list of universities as it would bring in more volumes and better satisfaction quotient. These result in more references which is key to longevity in the market. The recent immigration issues further strengthen our case for dealing with qualitative universities and avoiding short-term gains.


  • 9 Years of Industry experience across various domains
  • Proven and time tested business model
  • Representation of more than 100 Universities across various countries
  • Training on Products and Process by industry experts
  • Visits by university delegates and officials
  • Assistance in Marketing and Promotional Activities
  • Readymade access to Educational tools and promotional materials
  • Online tracking and software support
  • Specialized tools for University shortlisting and Visa process

If you want to join our bandwagon, kindly send your detailed profile to or call at +91-9000013364. We would get back to you with requisite details.