Documents Checklist

Mandatory Documents:

  • Valid original passport. You are recommended to have passport valid for at least six months beyond your interview date.
  • CEAC Barcode printout. [Form DS 160]
  • Valid Axis Bank visa fee receipt. (Embassy copy)
  • Interview Appointment Letter.

Additional Supporting Documents required at the time of interview

Reasons of Visit

  • Graduation Ceremony : For Parents visiting Graduation Ceremony, Invitation Letter from the University specifying the Date of graduation.
  • Visiting a Relative : If you are visiting a relative, carry invitation letter from them, photocopies of the relative’s proof of status e.g. Green Card, naturalization certificate, valid visa etc.
  • Tourism : If you are visiting for Tourism, show proposed itinerary including Hotel and Airline Bookings and places to Visit.
  • Conference/ Seminar/ Business Negotiations: A letter of Invitation on the letter head of organization specifying the Date, Duration & Type of Event, reasons for Inviting you, Accommodation and other details (If provided).
  • Medical Reasons: Letter from the medical practitioner or institution specifying the reason of visit, type of ailment, duration and expenditure of the procedure.
  • Marriages: Invitation letter with marriage card specifying the relation , date of marriage, accommodation details (if provided) along with relatives proof of status e.g. Green Card, naturalization certificate, valid visa etc.

Note : HOC would provide the Relevant Document Checklist for any other reasons not specified above

Profession in India

  • If your are employed, carry a letter from employer detailing your position, salary, how long you have been employed with the company; the period of authorized vacation; and the purpose of your U.S. trip.
  • If you have a business, provide proof of business ex. Incorporation Certificates
  • If your are Student, Letter from College/ School specifying the course your are studying along with granting permission of leave for proposed trip.

For Applicants visiting a child/ relative in the U.S.: 

  • Relation Proof
  • Photocopy of all pages of  passport/ Naturalization Certificate/ Green Card
  • Proof of OPT- OPT Card/ I-20 [For Students]
  • Address Proof
  • I-94 Form [for Students ]

Sponsorship from USA

  • Relation Proof, Reason for Sponsorship in Invitation Letter
  • Form I-134 Click Here
  • Proof of Income [Salary Slips/ Tax Returns]
  • Proof of Liquid Funds [Bank Statements/Bonds etc]
  • Address Proof

Sponsorship from India

  • Proof of Income
    • IT returns
    • MRO Certificates
    • Rental Agreements
    • Dividend Certificates
  • Proof of Liquid Funds
    • Savings Accounts
    • Fixed Deposits
    • Mutual Funds
    • Shares in Demat Form
    • Postal Deposits
  • Property Evaluation

Financial Papers:

  1. Bank balance of minimum 10-12 lakhs for single applicant. Preferably three months old
  2. Carry bank statement or pass book with all the entries
  3. IT returns of two years. Showing minimum salary of 6-7 lakhs per annum. (Self and/or family member’s)

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