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Global Booking Service Accommodation 2018 / 2019 Price List
QUOTING PRICE LIST 1.7.18 – 30.6.19
PACKAGE OPTIONS     Single Room               Twin Room
WEEKLY RATE          Weekly                       Weekly
Private Room Rental (includes utilities, kitchen, facilities and linen) $192 $172 P/S
Room and 1 Meal Service Daily

Room and 2 Meal Service Daily

Room and 2+3 Meal Service – 2 Meals Daily + 3 Meals Weekends

Room and Full Service – 3 Meals Daily

Room and Special Meal Service – 3 Meals Daily (no pork / alcohol)

Wifi Optional (free for Study Tours if provided by host)

Halal and Gluten free extra per week

$262 $242 P/S
$272 $252 P/S
$282 $262 P/S
$297 $277 P/S
$312 $287 P/S
Assisted Booking Fee – (per student) Quotes provided where additional fees are incurred $270.00 PER STUDENT
Self Service booking – (no charge)

Group Tours – Twin share or Private Room pricing (triple, double or single placement) *indicates a commission-able fee

Individual Airport Welcome – Pricing varies for different regions contact our office for pricing Group Airport Welcome

$100 / $140 / $180 or $270* PER STUDENT
$110 to 190 PER STUDENT
by quotation
Membership Fee Inclusions W    Weekly Administration Inclusions
Certification of Accommodation Family Home accommodation – monitored
Booking Support Accommodation Package as selected
Communication between parties as required Emergency Contact Information
Inspection Review of Premises Dedicated Support for Guests
Police and Insurance checks validated Processing Family host payments
Matching support where necessary Local Accommodation Support Officer
Initial booking – 2 weeks minimum individual placement or 1 week for study tours  
One week notice required by either party to vacate Contact : 9000023519

Email :


We will move students between accommodation types at no additional charge if they are a full paying GBS member with a valid reason to move – subject to availability.
Internet availability or quality is not guaranteed and guests may wish the option to purchase an internet access device to meet their requirements.  
GST chargeable items are membership fees, tranfers & weekly administration fee where applicable  

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