France is among the leaders in terms of Banking and Finance industry in the world. 5 banks of France are among the top 35 banks in the world. Many of the French Universities rank in the top 50 universities in the world.

France has always been a leader home to earliest innovations and inventions which has shaped the humanity today. French revolution is the earliest incidence of modern welfare state and world has taken  a cue from it. Renaissance after French Revolution led to innumerable masterpieces which are revered till today. 

France was amongst the biggest sufferers of Second World War wherein GErmna occupation led to decline and destruction of the industrial infrastructure. However, the fact that France is still among the top 5 economies of the world is a testimony to its resilience. France is considered  model welfare state wherein it has been able to sustain a socialist model under a capitalist economy.

The government of France is spending more than 20% on education sector which highlights their seriousness toward education. The rule that France is having is that they believe in equality which is the best part of France. They don’t matter what your nationality but if you are the student of France then also you will get all the privileges that French national gets and there will be no difference. One thing will amaze you that the French higher education is best and topmost because of the quality and the content. The higher eduacation in France depends on the research and, also you will able to connect to the best minds from across sector in France which will help you to increase your knowledge.

The reasons why students chose France are:

  1. Tradition of Excellence & Top ranked Universities
  2. Cultural Hub & Open Society
  3. No Entrance Exams
  4. Programs in English
  5. Opportunity to learn French
  6. Internship is an integral part of Course Curriculum
  7. Post Study Work Permit

Why Montpellier Business School

In 1897, Montpellier Business School, initiate their education journey and from 2012 it ranks high in the Financial Times’ Best Masters in Management rankings. Montpellier Business School provides a complete range of management courses and, they have the policy where they provide equal opportunity to both by the numbers of students available and also the quality of professor which can increase their success. Montpellier Business School transmits its core value which includes Ethics, Openness and Diversity, Global Responsibility and Performance.

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