What are the advantages of studying (Business) abroad in Germany

Germany is the economically fourth largest country in the world. Germany has become the top destination for the study where universities don’t charge tuition fees. They charge only administration fees. The economy of Germany is high due to its exports, Germany ranks third in terms of exports after USA and China. Many companies are leaving or relocating their headquarters as they are growing in numbers due to globalization but, in this global economy, they are not only the one who is seeking to have the best business environment. Due to this many prospective students are leaving their home countries so that they can search for the best places to live, learn and work.

Why Study Business in Germany

Germany is the Engine which has been powering European Union and its Economy. It is known for its innovations, is synonymous with quality and provides excellent Business Environment. Many of the top companies of the world are situated there. Apart from known quality of Education, students would get an opportunity to work with the best during internships and are also provided work permits non completion of the program.

Why SRH Hochschule Berlin

SRH is among the leading business Institutes in Germany. This school is located opposite to the new headquarters of the Europeans Central bank which is in Germany’s financial heart. The SRH Hochschule Berlin is known for providing the high quality of provision and education. The best part of this school is that it gives business studies with a 50/50 split between management and finance. Its base was established in 2002.

There are multiple reasons for studying business studies in Germany:-

1. Economy of German

Students at SRH Hochschule Berlin and other German schools enjoy doing studies in here and, they take it as an advantage as this country has the dominant economy in Europe which is around 21% of euro zone GDP.  The next benefit is unemployment which is the lowest in Europe with just 5%. Moreover, the GDP of the nation is continuously growing in recent years.

2. R&D investment of German

Germany is the only regional leader in R&D investment. Germany spends around 800 billion annually so that it can assist around 800 public fund research institutions. When there are half a millions of R&D professionals available, the best part is company still attract a top-notch of the talent pool. Due to this the student studying in Germany has regular access to professional training, renowned, and established universities and also German R&D investment.

3. Safety Measures

Germany is a very safe country for living in Europe. The crime ratio is very low.

4. Multiple subject study

Germany is famous for study in philosophy, literature, science, and music. Greek and Roman are always written in Germany.

5. Single Market

Germany lies at the crossroads of the western and Eastern Europe which will provide huge customer base. Germany has a single market for more than 20 years that shows the goods, services, and capital.

6. Chance of Innovation and economic freedom

As per the recent survey of the Wall Street Journal with the conjugation of heritage foundation shows that economic freedom in Germany is on a high rise. The economic right is also responsible for the reason why the cities have become the seedbed for the discovery and further the entrepreneurial drive. As per Euro stat, there are 28 countries in the European unions in which more than 40% of all the patents are in Germany. Hence Euro stat says that Patents reflects incentive activity and due to which it shows the capacity to exploit knowledge and change into the dormant business growth.

7. All time there is no work and play in SHI

When there is no work or play at the school then the business students and, professionals of the SHI has all powers to access the wide variety of diversions. SRH Hochschule Berlin moreover offers a cosmopolitan environment out of which one-third of the residents hold a non-German passport and visitors are always welcome. The city mixes with the daring and modern which include charming and historical and, if in case you need to change the scenery then you can surely head towards nearby Rheingau wine region and send some sample of Germany’s Popular Riesling.