Doing an Internship while studying in Germany

Attending an internship is a short term job which leads to your expression in the professional life. During internship you not only increase your skills but apply the theoretical knowledge attain during the studies. You will gain professional contacts and understands the company infrastructure. Internship can be accompanished within a company or an organisation. Some internship is paid, some are not, and some are paid with very low salary. 

During internship you will be supervised by employee of the company for small projects. The HR of the company suggests observing the company culture and how the things on different prospects are done. As the cost of living is high in Germany, many student want their internship must be paid, which help them to stay in Germany in a healthy manner.

Germany lies in the heart of Europe. Many people who want to stay in Germany are due to its climate and diverse landscape. Economically it’s largest in Europe and fourth largest in the world. Germany is called as land of immigration and is cosmopolitan and tolerant country. Many students want to study in Germany as the country main language is Germany but they don’t force anyone to communicate in German. For international students there is just a need of Visa and your program for how long you want to stay. During Visa the student need to show their financial status which takes certain documents and those document are known as ‘Finanzierungsnachweis’. Every applicant must have around 8700 Euros at the end of year for disposal. The students need to submit health insurance and aptitude test. Health insurance will help in permanent residence in future and aptitude test which is distributed in three parts: Onscreen language test, the Core test and subject specific test module. German universities not only provide internship but also initiate students for scholarships. Germany a country where many people lay their talent and one most effective expects is they want their own students to complete their task by their own and explore with some new ideas and thoughts. Most of the German small and medium size companies require their students to understand little German so that they can communicate easily with colleagues and customers. In big international or German companies the employees of the company interact with each other in English. It’s not necessary for them to know German.

The best part of doing internship in Germany is that they offer internship on their own website. Federal Employment Agency, university’s Career Service, the International Office and international student organisation such as AIESEC, ELSA and IAESTE take care that their students always get internship. It allows its student to directly apply for the internship in their desired company or organization through email or website reference link.

Internship Rules in Germany:

If you are a student at any German university, you are not allowed to work for full 120 days a year without having approval from Aliens Registration Office and Federal Employment Agency. In some universities internship is mandatory and in some it doesn’t even matter. Without internship no student is allowed to get permanent job and elaborate its skill.

Time period of internship:

All the internship in the Germany is done in minimum duration of six months and the maximum duration of this course is of twelve months. There are several factors on time period of the internship as well which depend on the company as well. One thing you have to make sure that you and your company should be clear about the duration of the internship.

Paid amount:

The amount depends on from where you are doing internship and from which field. Paid internship is common in the corporate sector as they always pay for the internship and sometime in remaining field internship is not paid. You need to clear with the financial team regarding the compensation. If in case they don’t provide the internship then one thing you have to make sure you need to have enough money so that you can cover your living expenses which include rent, insurance and food.

Eligibility of internship:

There is no such eligibility criteria as both EU and non EU citizens can do internship in Germany but if in case you are not EU citizen then you have to do extra effort to jump through internship and achieve as per you have planned.