6 new rules that make hiring tougher under H-1B visa

The Donald Trump administration has introduced a new set of provisions to the H-1B labour application process that may make it tougher for technology companies to sponsor fresh foreign workers. Under the new rules, the US employers must disclose the total number of foreigners already employed by them. The Labor Condition Application form updates now require employers to provide more detailed information about H-1B workers employment condition.

Here are the new rules as per the US Department of Labor’s website:

  • Disclosing all places of employment for H-1B workers, including periods of short duration.
  • Providing the estimated number of H-1B workers at each place of intended employment.
  • Requiring the clear identification of secondary entities who are using H-1B workers.
  • Requiring H-1B dependent employers who are claiming and exemption solely on the basis of education, such as master’s degree, to provide documentation of the degree.
  • Revisions to the worker complaint form include added data fields designed to better describe the nature of an alleged program violation.
  • To allow appropriate time for transition, the new forms will be made available for use in the coming weeks.

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