Myths about US Visa

USA Consulate – Mumbai- Interactive session

I was fortunate enough to be a part of presentation & interactive session conducted by USA Consulate General, Mumbai for University Agents, School Counsellors and Education professionals. I have mentioned few of the important snippets below:

Few Facts

  1. Total no of International Students studying in USA- 10,70,009
  2. No of India students – 1,86,000
  3. The no of Indian students is second only after China and is growing at around 12% [Source : Open Doors Report]

Important Points to be Kept in mind for Visa Interview

  1. Unlike other Countries documents aren’t the most important thing. The visa officer comes to a conclusion based on the answers being provided by the applicant. There isn’t a need to carry tons of documents to impress the visa officer. The visa officer won’t reject the applicant but give him 221 G which allows the applicant to submit the documents at a later date.
  2. Due to the sheer no of applicants the visa officer can’t spend more than 2-3 minutes on each applicant. Hence its imperative that the answers are crisp and to the point.
  3. The applicant has to focus on the question been asked. “FOCUS ON THE QUESTIONS BEING ASKED NOT WHAT YOU WANT TO ANSWER”.
  4. BE TRUTHFUL – The candidate should be truthful and explain any exceptional circumstances related to Change of Major, Educational Gap etc.
  5. The applicant has to show liquidity for 1st year [As per I-20] and have provisions for subsequent years. The funds can be shown in any form i.e. Savings, Fixed Deposits, Mutual funds, Shares etc. The applicant should be able to explain the type and source of these funds. There is no fixed duration, format nor specific list of banks and financial instruments to show the funds.
  6. The Applicant needs to avoid be natural and not give cliche answers from the websites. The visa officer is keen to know about your thought process and your reasons based on your circumstances.
  7. As per USA immigration law 214 B, every applicant is a potential immigrant and it’s his /her responsibility to prove otherwise.
  8. Any applicant can have visas at same time Ex. B1/B2 and F1 at same time.

Myths about Visa

[Most of the points are self explanatory, hence I haven’t expanded. Do get back to me incase of any queries.]

  1. The applicant should carry a huge number of documents including property documents, CA/CE reports etc.
  2. You should hide about family or relatives in USA.
  3. USA visa rules have changed since President Trump assumed office.
  4. There is a Quota in terms of visa being issued by a visa office, a particular location or particular intake.
  5. The decision of visa is taken well before the applicant goes to a counter.
  6. There are no visas for Community colleges/Bridge Program or pathway programs.
  7. No visas for ESL programs.
  8. Taking student loan would result in visa rejection.
  9. Visa issuance is easier at a particular consulate.
  10. Student Visa day guarantees visa.
  11. Students going for higher and sensitive technologies aren’t granted visas.
  12. No of stars on the visa stamp is a rating based on applicant’s background.
  13. No of Universities applied and no of I-20 are crucial for applicant chances at Visa.
  14. You need to dress formally for the interview.
  15. People with particular surnames are not given visas.

Note : In Short the visa officer expects you to be truthful about your background, means of support, reasons for choosing a particular course, university and program. The key is “BE TRUTHFUL”

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