How MBA Has Wrecked Havoc In India

– by Ravi Lochan Singh

The belief in the mind space of Indian students (and parents) that an MBA is a requirement to enter job market or that this should be the education plan needs to change if they want to remain employable. In 2015, Harish Chaudhry, a professor of management studies at IIT-Delhi wrote an article in Business World and as a counsellor working with students, I believe that this short and pointed article needs to be retold and understood. 

In my previous blogs I have repeatedly emphasised that MBA is not for fresh graduates by design and its suitability for those seeking their fresh jobs is grossly misplaced. I have interacted with faculty members even of  institutes such as the hallowed IIM and often find that there are many amongst them, who have never worked outside of academia at all and even if they have, it is often in consultative roles.

While countries such as India need skilled workers and professionals, the push towards degrees that make students uninterested in fulfilling the shortage is leading to a unique situation where there are jobs but no workers trained for them and workers for whom there are no jobs.

MBA programs have be actively packaged to suit the marketing objectives of the educational institutions. It is time to change this.

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