There are different ways to apply for admission to a German university; one of the ways is pathway program.In order to join the program, the candidate must have a minimum A1 German language or IELTS certificate.

Duration– 12 months.

Cost– Euro 6750.

Education for all consecutive years is free for all of our applicants.

Key Points

  • Direct admissions with 6.5 ielts to the below universities
  • 5.5 IELTS is accepted for pathway programs
  • German language of A1 level is required
  • 55% in Intermediate/Bachelors is accepted

What can you study after completing the Pathway Program? 

University of Applied Sciences Merseburg: 

Bachelor Courses: 

  • Applied computer science;
  • Electrical engineering / Information technology ;
  • Chemical and environmental engineering ;
  • Technical business administration ;
  • Business administration ;
  • Culture and media education;
  • Industrial engineering and management;
  • Technical writing and E-learning systems ;
  • Mechanical engineering/Mechatronics / physics technology ;
  • Plastics technology ;
  • Business Informatics ; 

Master Courses:

  • Mechanical/ Mechatronics /Physics Technology;
  • Project Management ;
  • Chemical and Environmental Engineering;
  • Computer science and communication systems;
  • Cultural Management/- marketing.

University of Applied Sciences Neubrandenburg:

Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences: 

  • Bachelor of Science
  • Bachelor’s in Agriculture
  • Bachelor’s in Dietetics for dieticians and dieticians
  • Bachelor’s in Applied Business Administration
  • Bachelor’s in Food Technology
  • Master’s in Food and Bio product Technology
  • Master’s in Agricultural Management
  • Master’s in Sustainable Agricultural Production Management

Department of Health, Care, Management

  • Bachelor’s in Vocational Education for Health Professionals
  • Bachelor’s in Health Sciences
  • Bachelor’s in Care Management
  • Master’s in Care Management
  • Master’s in Management in Social and Health Care
  • Master’s in Hospital Management
  • Master’s in Health Promotion and Prevention
  • Master’s in Health Sciences

Faculty of Landscape Science and Geo informatics (Civil Engineering)

  • Bachelor’s in Geo informatics
  • Bachelor’s in Geodesy and Measurement
  • Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture
  • Bachelor’s in Nature Conservation and Land Use Planning
  • Master’s in Land Use Planning
  • Master’s in Sustainable land-use management (Geodesy and Geo informatics)
  • Master’s in Geodesy and Geo informatics
  • Master’s in Landscape Architecture and Green Space Management

Department of Social Work, Education and Training 

  • Bachelor’s in Social Work ;
  • Bachelor’s in Vocational Education for Social Work, Social
  • Pedagogy and Childhood Education ;
  • Bachelor’s in Early Education – Education in Childhood ;
  • Master’s in Vocational Bachelor’s Program Early Education Consulting ;
  • Master’s in Organizational Development and Inclusion;
  • Master’s in Social Work – Social Work Science, Project Planning and Development.

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